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Common defects and preventive measures of sheet metal stamping parts

The burr and warping problems you mentioned are common problems in stamping processing. Here are some possible causes and precautions:

1. Too large or too small blanking gap: too large blanking gap will lead to burrs, too small will lead to warping. Therefore, the appropriate blanking gap should be selected.

2. Cutting edge passivation of the working part of the stamping die: the cutting edge passivation of the working part of the stamping die will lead to burrs and warping. Therefore, the stamping die should be checked and replaced regularly.

3. Punch and die due to long-term vibration impact and change in the center line: in this case, punch and die will produce single-sided burrs. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken to reduce vibration shocks.

4. The shape of punching parts is complex and the shear force is increased unevenly with more internal holes: in this case, the press force should be increased or the use of high-precision guide column guide plate or the use of high-precision press punching.

5. Blanking parts have thickness tolerance requirements: in this case, it should be adjusted according to the thickness tolerance requirements.

6. Deformation during the stamping process: in this case, appropriate corrective measures should be taken.

7. Surface abrasion of stamping parts: In this case, the surface of stamping parts should be cleaned and appropriate lubrication measures should be taken.

8. Cracks occur in the bending part: In this case, measures such as reducing the bending radius, increasing the bending Angle, and improving the hardness of the material should be taken to prevent cracks.

9. Wrinkles at the bottom of the drawing part: in this case, the holding force of the holder ring should be increased, the radius of the corner of the die should be increased, and the correct use of lubricants should be used to prevent wrinkles.

10. The edge of the drawing part is uneven and wrinkled: in this case, the radius of the concave die and the gap between the convex and concave dies should be corrected to make the size uniform before being put into production (reducing the radius of the concave die or using the curved blank holder device can eliminate the wrinkles).

11. Tapered parts or hemispherical parts wrinkle at the waist when drawing: in this case, the deadholding force of the stamping die should be increased or the rolling steel structure should be used to reduce the radius of the die corners or the thickness of the material should be slightly increased to prevent wrinkling.

12. Tensile marks on the surface of the drawing parts: in this case, the gap between the mold should be repaired until appropriate, the surface of the mold should be kept clean, and the lubricant suitable for the drawing process should be selected to prevent tensile marks.


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