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How can color steel plate be waterproof?

Color steel roof waterproof problem has always been the design and construction personnel pay more attention to the problem,

If the color steel roof leaks, it will directly affect the overall function and life of the color steel plant, and it will also affect the safety of the life and production of the users. That's why finding the problem is so critical!

Problem 1: Waterproof material quality problem

In the current market popular so-called "high-quality waterproof materials", if according to the national standard or industry standards test, most of the widely used color steel tile waterproof materials are unqualified products, and now a large number of fake and shoddy products on the building materials market prevail, making the market of real high-quality waterproof materials less and less. Therefore, in terms of material selection, we must be careful again, and waterproof materials must be selected to meet the standards of products.


Problem 2: Design is not paid attention to

The uncertainty of the designer in the design of the thickness of the waterproof layer makes the nature, importance and function of the waterproof layer of the color steel plant do not match, and it is difficult to meet the waterproof requirements of the plant. There is also a design unit of the waterproof insulation layer of the roof of the workshop is completely unreasonable, resulting in the building insulation layer to leave moisture and absorb moisture in the air, through the wind and sun, making the local waterproof layer arch, repeated such a process, will make the waterproof layer because of changes in temperature and humidity deformation and accelerated aging, resulting in problems in the waterproof quality of the workshop.

Problem three: The construction unit quality awareness is not strong

The fake and shoddy products of color steel tile waterproof materials on the market are widespread, and many construction units directly use waterproof materials for construction without inspection, and the general contract audit is not strict, so that low-quality contract teams can undertake construction. Many workers did not get the operation and knowledge training before the construction, nor did they have a job certificate, and the lack of understanding of the construction and acceptance specifications of waterproof materials and waterproof projects, and the quality control in the construction process is not strict, resulting in poor construction quality.

Problem 4: Usage and maintenance management is not in place

Because the color steel roof is in the natural environment for a long time, the waterproof layer of the color steel plate cannot be guaranteed to be intact for a long time. After the completion of the steel structure project, the management and maintenance of the project after delivery are not in place, resulting in leakage of the color steel plate.


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