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Hot rolled ribbed bar


Rebar is the common name of hot rolled ribbed steel bar. The difference between rebar and round bar is that the surface has longitudinal and transverse ribs, usually with two longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs evenly distributed along the length direction.

Grade II (left) and Ⅲ (right) rebar are commonly used in construction

Main uses:

Rebar is a small type steel steel, mainly used for the skeleton of reinforced concrete building components. Widely used in housing, Bridges, roads and other civil engineering construction. In use, it is required to have certain mechanical strength, bending deformation properties and process welding properties.

The raw steel billet for the production of rebar is carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel treated by sedation melting, and the finished steel bar is delivered in hot rolled form, normalizing or hot rolled state.

Brand meaning:

The grade of ordinary hot-rolled steel bar consists of HRB and the minimum yield point of the grade. H, R and B are the first letters of the words Hotrolled, Ribbed and Bars respectively.

Hot rolled ribbed steel bar, mainly divided into HRB335 (old number 20MnSi), HRB400 (old number 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20Mnti), HRB500 three grades.

The grade of fine-grain hot-rolled steel bar is the first letter of "Fine" after the English abbreviation of hot-rolled ribbed steel bar. For example, HRBF335, HRBF400, and HRBF500.

The seismic structure with higher requirements is suitable for the grade, which is to add the letter E after the existing grade (for example: HRB400E, HRBF400E).


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