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Fine rolled rebar

Fine rolled rebar is a common building material, widely used in construction, Bridges, roads and other engineering fields. It has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, and is a high-quality construction steel.

Fine rolled rebar is produced by cold rolling and drawing processes. Its surface is smooth and smooth, and the thread is clear, which can provide better connection performance and anti-slip performance. The main advantages of fine rolled rebar are its high strength and good plasticity, which can meet the requirements of engineering structure for material strength and plasticity.

The production process of fine rolled rebar is strict, and the parameters of cold rolling and drawing process need to be strictly controlled. In the process of finishing rolling, by controlling the temperature, pressure and speed and other parameters, the steel can get uniform deformation and fine grain structure in the process of cold rolling and drawing, so as to improve the strength and hardness of the steel.

Fine rolled rebar is a kind of high quality construction steel with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in construction, bridge, road and other engineering fields. Through proper use and construction management, the advantages of fine rolled rebar can be fully utilized to ensure the safety and reliability of engineering structure.


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