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Weight and workmanship of rebar

Weight of reinforcement

The weight of the steel bar is to be calculated through a certain formula. The unit of measurement of the theoretical weight of the steel bar is kg, and its basic calculation formula is: W(weight)=F(fault area)×L(length)×P(density)×1/1000

It should be noted that the density of the rebar is fixed and is 7.85g/cm�0�6. In addition, a certain deviation is allowed in the calculation process of the weight of the steel bar, but the deviation of each part should not be greater than the allowable deviation value of the size of the location. For example, if the nominal diameter of a steel bar is between 6 and 25mm, the diameter may vary from the specified range to the specified range. Moreover, the length of the steel bar is also allowed to appear deviation, but can not be greater than 50mm.

The steel bar has a certain weight scale specifications, and there are 10 specific weight specifications, which are: With a diameter of 6=0.222kg, 8=0.395kg, 10=0.617kg, 12=0.888kg, 14=1.21kg, 16=1.58kg, 18=2kg, 20=2.47kg, 22=3kg and 25=3.86kg. (It should be noted that, in the calculation, the diameter of the steel bar below 12 generally take 3 decimal places for calculation.)

Reinforcement technology

The technical performance of steel bar includes many items, which can have different requirements according to different characteristics. For example, ordinary steel bars need to be tested for bending and opposing bending. The purpose of these tests is to simulate the processes that might be involved in the actual use of steel bars. Generally speaking, the greater the elongation of the steel, its process performance will be better.

The technological performance test of reinforcement is more complex, need to be tested according to the deformation type and size and other aspects of the different, once the grain size, internal defects and other aspects of a link appeared in the problem, are counted as reinforcement process performance test is not passed. It can be seen that the technical performance test of steel bar is a very strict level.

Steel bars often have to be bent before they can be used, so they have plastic deformation. If the steel bar becomes brittle, it will not be able to withstand the external load of shaping. In general, adding some microalloyed elements to the interior of the steel bar can effectively bind free nitrogen and thus enhance the strength of the steel bar.

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