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Galvanized pipe type specification

Galvanized pipe type specification

Galvanized pipe types and specifications are mainly:

The outside diameter of DN15 is 21.3mm, which is referred to as 4 parts

The outside diameter of DN20 is 26.8mm, which is referred to as 6 parts

The outside diameter of DN25 model is 33.5mm, 1 inch for short

DN32 model outer diameter 42.25mm, 1 "2 for short

The outside diameter of the DN40 model is 48mm, which is one and a half inches for short

The outside diameter of DN50 model is 60 mm, 2 inches for short

The outside diameter of DN65/70 model is 75.5mm, 2 and a half inches for short

The outside diameter of DN80 model is 88.5mm, 3 inches for short

The outer diameter of DN100 is 114mm, 4 inches for short

The outside diameter of DN125 model is 140mm, 5 inches for short

The outside diameter of DN150 is 165mm, 6 inches for short

The outside diameter of DN200 model is 219mm, 8 inches for short

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highway, bridge, container, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, exploration machinery and other manufacturing industries. Galvanized steel pipes are divided into cold galvanized pipes and hot galvanized pipes. Initially galvanized steel pipes are used as water pipes, but after a few years, a large amount of rust and scale are produced in the pipes. Yellow water flowing out not only contaminizes sanitary ware, but also contains bacteria bred on the non-smooth inner wall. So in the 1960s and 1970s, developed countries began to research and develop new pipes, and have banned galvanized steel pipes. Our country has also issued a document banning galvanized steel pipe from 2000. Currently, most new communities rarely use galvanized steel pipe, but some communities are still using galvanized steel pipe.

Galvanized steel pipe Welded steel pipe with hot dip plating or electrogalvanized coating. Galvanized steel pipe can increase the corrosion resistance, prolong the service life. Galvanized pipe has a wide range of uses, in addition to water, gas, oil and other low-pressure fluid pipeline pipe, but also used in the petroleum industry, especially the oil well pipe, oil pipeline, chemical coking equipment oil heater, condensing cooler, coal distillation and washing oil exchanger with pipe, and trestle pipe pile, mine tunnel support frame with pipe.

Galvanized steel pipe is a layer of zinc plating outside the steel pipe. Because ordinary steel pipe (engineering called welded steel pipe) and cast iron pipe, easy to rust and corrosion at room temperature, the outer galvanized is to protect the pipe. What you usually see is the color of the galvanized layer. Galvanized steel pipe is not allowed to be welded in principle, because welding will destroy the galvanized layer, and there will be electrochemical corrosion between the solder and the galvanized layer. So it is usually a wire connection, clamp connection, wire buckle flange connection.

Classification of galvanized steel pipe: Galvanized steel pipe is divided into cold galvanized steel pipe and hot galvanized steel pipe. China's Ministry of Construction and other four ministries and commissions also issued a document explicitly banning galvanized pipes as water supply pipes from 2000. Galvanized pipes are rarely used in cold water pipes of new residential areas, and some residential hot water pipes use galvanized pipes. Hot dip galvanized steel pipe has a wide range of applications in fire, electric power and highway.


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