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Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., LTD. (TISCO for short) is an ultra-large iron and steel conglomerate mainly producing plates. It has advanced technologies and equipment in the mining and processing of iron and steel smelting raw materials, iron and steel smelting, pressure processing of iron and steel materials, metallurgical equipment and spare parts manufacturing, etc. In 2005, the company produced 5,391,000 tons of steel and realized sales revenue of 36.081 billion yuan. Tisco's main products are stainless steel, cold rolled silicon steel sheet (coil), carbon steel hot rolled coil, train axle steel, alloy die steel, military steel, etc. Stainless steel, stainless composite plate, electromagnetic pure iron, train wheel and axle steel, pattern plate, welding bottle steel market share first in China. 18 kinds of special steel products for the domestic initiative, more than 40 kinds of successful replacement of imports, 26 kinds of market share first, stainless steel exports first in the world.

In August 2015, Taiyuan Iron and Steel was ranked 11th on the list of "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturers in 2015" sponsored by China Manufacturing Enterprises Association. [1] In August 2016, Taiyuan Iron and Steel ranked 160th in "2016 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises ". [2] In September 2019, Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. ranked 110th in the list of Top 500 Manufacturers of China 2019.

To achieve harmonious development with the society, and truly become a highly respected outstanding enterprise. While fully implementing the scientific Outlook on development and accelerating the construction of the world's most competitive stainless steel enterprise, TISCO actively carries out charitable donations, volunteer services and other public welfare activities to fulfill its social responsibilities with practical actions.

In 2010, the organization donated 4.38 million yuan for poverty alleviation. Among them, 1.58 million yuan was donated to Yushu disaster area by Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department, 500,000 yuan was donated to Taiyuan Iron and Steel Love Fund set up by Shanxi Red Cross Memorial activities, 1.7 million yuan was donated to Taiyuan "Charity Day Donation" activity, and 300,000 yuan was donated to the social donation activity of "Sending warmth and love" by provincial Party Committee and government.

According to the arrangement of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee "Notice on Further Strengthening the Province's fixed-point Poverty Alleviation Work", the company conducted fixed-point poverty alleviation in Xiuyan Village, Xinshui Town, Daning County, Linfen City. In 2010, 300,000 yuan of poverty alleviation funds were invested to help villagers plant 500 mu of high-quality walnut trees, harden natural village roads and build villagers' cultural squares.


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