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Shagang Group is a key enterprise group in Jiangsu Province, a national oversized industrial enterprise, and the largest private iron and steel enterprise in China. The group is headquartered in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.

At present, Shagang Group has total assets of more than 150 billion yuan and more than 40,000 employees. The annual production capacity is 29 million tons of iron, 35 million tons of steel and 33 million tons of rolling wood. Shagang has been awarded the honorary titles of "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise", "AAA Level Enterprise of China Quality Service Reputation", "China Integrity Enterprise", "National Innovative Enterprise", "China Environmental Protection Demonstration Unit", "High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", "circular Economy Construction Demonstration Unit of Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province Informatization and Industrialization Integration Demonstration Enterprise" and so on. In 2010, it ranked No. 40 in China's Top 500 enterprises, No. 12 in China's Top 500 Manufacturing enterprises, and No. 1 in China's private enterprises. It entered the World's Top 500 for two consecutive years, and ranked No. 415 in the World's Top 500 in 2010, 29 places higher than the previous year.

The main products are wide and thick plate, hot rolled coil, stainless steel hot rolled and cold rolled plate, high-speed wire, large coil, ribbed bar, special steel bar has formed more than 60 series and more than 700 varieties of nearly 2000 specifications, among which high-speed wire, ribbed bar and other products won the title of "physical quality of the international advanced level of Gold Cup Award", "National Customer Satisfaction products" and so on. The ribbed steel bar has been certified by CARES, the high quality line has won the title of "China Famous Brand" product and "Export inspection exemption" commodity, the total production volume and export volume of the high quality line have ranked the first in China for several years, the hot rolled coil has passed the EU CE certification, and the ship plate steel has passed the Nine Countries Classification Society certification. "Shagang" brand trademark also won the "China Well-known trademark".

In 2010, Shagang Group gave full play to the comprehensive advantages of process equipment, product structure, enterprise brand and modern logistics, optimized product structure, promoted technological innovation, paid close attention to cost reduction and efficiency, innovated marketing mechanism, fully expanded the market, actively responded to challenges and tests, and maintained a good development trend in production and operation. In the whole year, the company completed 25.06 million tons of iron making, 30.12 million tons of steel making and 28.6 million tons of rolling wood, with sales revenue of 178.6 billion yuan and profit and tax of 12.8 billion yuan.

Shagang Group will earnestly implement the national steel industry development policies, take the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, adhere to the sustainable development strategy, take the new industrialization road, accelerate transformation and upgrading, vigorously promote the adjustment of product structure, further extend the industrial chain, grasp the supporting enterprises, build modern logistics, implement capital operation, and constantly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. To further refine, strengthen and optimize the enterprise, and strive to build Shagang into a "century-old factory", and make new contributions to the construction of a harmonious Jiangsu Province and the construction of China's iron and steel power.


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