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Baosteel Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company established according to law. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council shall perform the duties of investor on behalf of The State Council. It shall enjoy civil rights and bear civil liabilities according to law, and shall be liable for the debts of the company with all its assets.

Baosteel, the most competitive steel conglomerate in China, is the global partner of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the total steel supplier. In 2009, Baosteel's total revenue was 195.3 billion yuan, its total profit was 14.9 billion yuan, its total assets were 402 billion yuan and its net assets were 243 billion yuan. The total number of employees in Baosteel is 106,914; In 2010, Baosteel was ranked 276th among the World's top 500 companies by Fortune Magazine for the seventh consecutive year, and was named the "World's Most Respected Company" in 2009, becoming the only company in mainland China to win this title. In 2009, Baosteel produced 38.87 million tons of steel, ranking third among the world's steel enterprises.

On December 23, 1978, Baosteel began construction in Shanghai. In November 1998, Baosteel, Shanghai Steel and Meigang realized joint reorganization. 2006 restructured Xinjiang Bayi Steel Plant. In 2008, it restructured with Guangzhou Steel and Shaosteel to form Guangdong Iron and Steel. In March 2009, Baosteel acquired Ningbo Steel Co., LTD.

In recent years, focusing on steel supply chain, technology chain and resource utilization chain, Baosteel has strengthened the integration of internal and external resources, improved competitiveness and improved industry status, and has initially formed a business structure including the main steel industry and related multiple sectors.

Baosteel mainly focuses on the production of high-quality steel products with high technical content and high added value. Baosteel has formed three product series of general carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel, which are widely used in automobile, household appliances, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, energy transportation, building decoration, metal products, aerospace, nuclear power, electronic instruments and other industries. At present, Baosteel products through the worldwide sales network, selling well in domestic and foreign markets, not only to maintain the dominant position in the domestic plate market, but also to export steel products to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other more than 40 countries and regions.

Baosteel attaches great importance to environmental protection, implements clean production, develops circular economy and pursues sustainable development. Baosteel is the first enterprise in China's metallurgical industry to pass ISO14001 environmental standards certification, and the first enterprise in China's metallurgical industry and Shanghai to win the title of "National Environmentally Friendly Enterprise".

In 2004, Baosteel was one of the first three Chinese companies to join the Global Compact. In 2006, Baosteel joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), becoming the second domestic enterprise to join the WBCSD, and also the first WBCSD member in the global steel industry.

Baosteel is enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings, and has always taken it as its conscious mission and responsibility to return and contribute to the society. It has successively set up Baosteel Education Fund, "China Baosteel Environmental Award" fund, donated money to "Project Hope", donated money to build the Great Wall Station in Antarctica and the Kunlun Station. We immediately extended a helping hand to the areas affected by the Wenchuan earthquake and the tsunami in Taiwan, and provided targeted assistance to Pu 'er in Yunnan Province and Zhongba County in Xizang Province, injecting strong impetus to local economic development and long-term social stability.

Company mission: To be a world-class steel products, technology and service provider.

Core values: integrity, collaboration, pursuit of enterprise value maximization.

Strategic goal: To become a world-class international public company with independent intellectual property rights and strong comprehensive competitiveness, respected by the society, with "one industry strength and coordinated development of related diversified industries", and to become an excellent enterprise in the world top 500.


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