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Why can color steel plates be widely used?

Because the cold-rolled substrate, hot-dip galvanized substrate and electroplated zinc substrate can be used when the color steel plate is manufactured, the advantages of the color steel plate are very many, whether it is the construction industry or the transportation industry has a wide range of applications to reduce the manufacturing cost of many buildings.

First. excellent shock resistance

Color steel plate in the construction of the building has a good plasticity, so it can be made into a triangular roof truss system, the structure is completely built after the formation of the "plate frame structure system" is very strong, and this structure has an important advantage worth mentioning, because the structure formed by the color steel plate has a high resistance to horizontal load capacity and has a good earthquake resistance.

Second. good wind resistance

Because the weight of the color steel plate is very light, the weight of the same area is only about one-fifth of the weight of the brick-concrete structure, and the color steel plate has a high strength and overall rigidity, and the deformation ability is also very strong, so the color steel plate is used to build factories or other buildings can effectively resist the threat of wind. In this way, the building and its people and property can be effectively protected.

Third. high environmental protection

If the building uses color steel plate as a material, the progress can be accelerated to a certain extent during construction, and there will not be a large number of polluting substances such as dust at the time of construction. In addition, the color steel plate can be 100% recycled, and some supporting materials used in construction can basically be recycled, so the color steel plate this material is highly environmentally friendly.

The reason why the color steel plate can be widely used in the construction industry is because the advantages of the color steel plate are many, which can make the built buildings have good shock resistance and wind resistance, and have high environmental protection, so many places will understand the price of the color steel plate before purchasing high-quality color steel plate for construction.


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