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What is the raw material of stainless steel

1. the raw material of stainless steel is ordinary carbon steel, on the basis of which other chemical elements are added, such as the addition of chromium, the content of more than 12%, through the production of a stainless steel material. Its main feature is that it is not easy to rust, it is not easy to corrode under the action of the atmosphere, and it maintains the luster of the metal.

2. of course, stainless steel is not easy to rust steel, it is also divided into some other types, because the chemical elements are different, so the classification will be different. There are general stainless steel or corrosion resistant stainless steel, stainless steel may not be corrosion resistant, and corrosion resistant steel will certainly not rust. Relatively speaking, the chemical stability of stainless steel as well as strength and plasticity will be relatively stable, if divided according to the grade, some austenite or martensite and other types.


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