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Stainless steel plates are used in the Marine industry

201 stainless steel plate has been widely used in the Marine industry. Most stainless steel grades can achieve satisfactory results in the application of Marine conditions, but different grades have different sensitivity to stress corrosion cracking. Martensitic steel represented by type 410 and ferritic steel represented by type 430 will rust within a few months in the Marine environment. This uniform rust can be removed by mechanical grinding.

In contrast, austenitic stainless steel is more popular in Marine environments because of its strong resistance to rust (although there may be exceptions for stress corrosion cracking). However, with the passage of time, austenitic stainless steel will also gradually black. If this blackening phenomenon needs to be removed for aesthetic or other reasons, it can also be processed by sanding. In general, stainless steel rarely appears uniform corrosion in seawater, so there is no need to worry too much about this problem in practical applications.

201 stainless steel plate

On the ocean, thrusters on tugs and other vessels are usually made of cast stainless steel CF-8 (equivalent to type 304 stainless steel). When the boat stops sailing, a conductive metal loop is formed from the propeller spindle through the bearing to the hull. In addition, stainless steel cast thrusters with a composition of type 410 are often selected and are widely used in other fields, such as icebreakers.


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