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Which is more durable, carbon steel or stainless steel?

Although carbon steel and stainless steel are different building materials, it can not be said that who is stronger between the two, this has a lot to do with the environment you use, the use of this material you use, and each material will have advantages and disadvantages.

Carbon steel First of all, carbon steel and stainless steel, these two materials, are the basic components of iron and titanium, so what is the difference between them? The difference is mainly in the alloy content, if the alloy content of carbon steel, its content is less than 10.5%. If it is stainless steel, its chromium content must be greater than or equal to 10.5%. Although they have these differences in nature, it cannot be said that one is stronger. The problem here is to match the context and use. Stainless steel In fact, we can also distinguish from the use of carbon steel and stainless steel, so that you are more clear which material is better used in what purpose. If it comes to carbon steel, it is relatively easy to rust, but carbon steel is indeed very wear-resistant, such a property can be used to fix structural objects, which will be stronger. If it comes to stainless steel, its advantage is that it can prevent rust and will not be so brittle, but the wear resistance of stainless steel is relatively poor. It is precisely because of this property of stainless steel that equipment used for frequent activities is more robust. To sum up, when we choose home building materials, it is not to say that when choosing carbon steel and stainless steel, it is blind to say which material is better. It is what you need to do when you choose carbon steel and stainless steel, and use the right material for the right purpose. In short, depending on the specific material you choose is used in what kind of use, this is a correct way to choose materials.


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