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What is carbide wear-resistant plate?

Hard alloy wear-resistant plate is a kind of plate made of hard alloy material with high wear-resistant properties. Carbide is a special metal matrix composite material, mainly composed of tungsten, titanium, tantalum and other high melting point metals and non-metallic elements such as carbide. The hardness of this material is very high, so it has good wear resistance and impact resistance.

Carbide wear-resistant plates are widely used in various industrial fields, such as mining, cement, steel, coal and other industries. In the mining industry, tungsten carbide wear-resistant plates can be used to manufacture parts such as buckets of mining cars and shovel teeth of excavators to improve the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs. In the cement and steel industries, cemented carbide wear plates can be used to manufacture worn parts of equipment such as crushers and mills to reduce the frequency of replacement parts and improve production efficiency. In addition, carbide wear-resistant plates can also be used to manufacture high-wear parts such as oil drilling equipment and ship thrusters.

The production process of hard alloy wear-resistant plate mainly includes powder metallurgy method and mechanical processing method. Powder metallurgy method is to sintered cemented carbide raw materials into billets at high temperatures, and then molded or cut into the desired shape of the wear-resistant plate. The machining rule is to process the cemented carbide raw materials into the desired shape of the wear-resistant plate by turning, milling and other methods. These two methods can produce carbide wear-resistant plates with excellent properties.

In short, carbide wear-resistant plate is a kind of metal plate with high wear resistance and impact resistance, which is widely used in various industrial fields. Through different production processes, we can produce hard alloy wear-resistant plates to meet different needs.


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