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The difference between a steel pool

When building a building, the foundation is very important; When building a swimming pool, the pool body is also very important. The choice of the pool body is like the foundation of the pool, and all equipment, waterproofing, decoration, and plumbing depend on the pool body. Steel pool manufacturers choose the right pool body for each pool according to the use environment and functional positioning of each pool. With the rapid development of society, people's living standards have also been greatly improved, and they are more picky about the quality of life. Swimming has become a hobby of many people, especially in recent years, gyms and schools have increased swimming projects, because of the convenience of steel structure, many manufacturers have gradually transformed into steel structure swimming pools.

1. Concrete pool body

In our country, concrete pool is a common type of pool. Its advantage is strong, but it also has the disadvantages of high cost, irregular buried pipe, thermal expansion and cold contraction, which is easy to cause cracking of the pool. The concrete pool structure is mostly constructed by non-professional construction teams, and the occurrence frequency is high. Cement pool for the underground pool, the need for professional steel structure swimming pool manufacturers to operate the construction so as to achieve a relatively safe level.

2. Galvanized steel pool body

Manufacturing steel structure swimming pool is the development trend in recent years. In Europe and the United States, steel structure swimming pools are well developed. According to the requirements of FINA, the steel structure swimming pool (swimming World Championships, Olympic Games) competition pool has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, low cost, convenient construction and so on.

This kind of pool is suitable for all kinds of surface pools (especially rented surface pools). In the steel structure swimming pool manufacturers, the use of simple steel pipe welding will shorten the service life of the swimming pool, and there is a greater safety risk. So you can't have a 50-year advertising life.

3. Stainless steel tank

The use of stainless steel (304 stainless steel) pool can not only give full play to the advantages of the steel pool, but also avoid the problem of rust in the galvanized pool. It is an ideal pool material, but also has the disadvantage of high cost. This product is suitable for all kinds of swimming pools, especially for hotel swimming pools, large swimming pools, club swimming pools, family swimming pools and other swimming pools with high service life requirements.

4, plastic plate pool

Plastic plate swimming pool is mainly used for disassembly of family swimming pool. The advantage is that the cost is relatively low and the installation is convenient, but because the plastic material is easy to age and become brittle, the service life is very limited. Plastic board pools are generally used for indoor and outdoor pools, especially public pools in parks.

5. Acrylic transparent swimming pool

Transparent swimming pools are mainly used in resort hotels and other similar places. Its biggest advantage is that it is transparent and beautiful. However, there are also problems such as difficulties in connecting circulation pipes, high costs (refer to aquariums), installation difficulties (need to be hoisted), and difficult connections between other materials. Except for special requirements, it is generally not recommended to use acrylic transparent pool. Acrylic pool is a more popular pool body in previous years, but for various reasons, in recent years has been gradually replaced by steel structure pool.

6. Fiberglass pool

FRP pool combines the advantages of plastic sheet pool and steel pool, that is, it can not only improve the standardization of mold enterprise management like plastic, but also develop products with steel toughness. However, its surface can be used as a waterproof decorative surface, there is no texture and beauty, and the high-level sense is also poor. Including transportation and installation and other aspects are relatively inconvenient.


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