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Common product quality problems and root causes of color coated rolls

1. Poor bending characteristics: stainless steel plate bending 190 degrees experiment, processing parts of the coating cracking and coating out.

Causes: too much grasp of the pre-treatment, coating thin and thick, too much baking, under the construction coating with the construction coating manufacturers are different, or the wrong operation of diluent.

2. Poor strength characteristics: use a drawing pen to draw a line on the surface of the coating, leaving a scratch on the surface after erasure.

Causes: low temperature control, insufficient dry solid coating of color coating, heating conditions are not appropriate, thickness of color coating than the required thickness.

3. Point characteristics: Because the steel chain is affected by the impact of the outside world, the surface of the plate appears prominent or indentation, some have a certain interval, some do not.

Causes: when spraying the roller with dirty things infiltrated, metal sheet products in the binding of the marks, roll back by the impact of the outside.

4 edge bubble characteristics: both sides of the adhesive building paint, after drying, bubble.

Cause: Raw materials have rough edges stuck to building paint, gap on both sides.

5. Pitting characteristics: dirty things or dust infiltrated from the outside in part or all of the surface after spraying has a millet grain like prominent.

Cause: Color coating board building paint into other types or other companies of building paint. There are dirty things in the building paint infiltration caused by hand washing before treatment.

6. Orange peel characteristics: the dry surface coating is not smooth and symmetrical like orange peel.

Cause: The wet film is too thick, the viscosity of the building paint is high.


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