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What is ultra-high carbon steel

Ultra-high carbon steel is an iron-based alloy material with a carbon content of 1.0-2.1%. The earliest industrial example of ultra-high carbon copper is Damascus. Its carbon content is 1.5%. In the mid-1970s, Stanford University in the United States first carried out superplastic research on ultra-high carbon steel, and then the United States National Laboratory also carried out research on ultra-high carbon steel. And obtained a series of patents. Besides. Japan and other countries have also carried out research on ultra-high carbon steel. In the 21st century, China has also carried out research on ultra-high carbon steel. The ultrafine ultra-high carbon steel without network carbide was obtained by proper preparation technology. Not only at medium and high temperature has a high deformation rate of superplastic properties. It also has good comprehensive mechanical properties at room temperature. Ultra-fine crystal ultra-high carbon steel is not only expected to replace some of the medium and high carbon steel manufacturing mold, steel wire, structural parts, so as to significantly improve its service life, but also by using the good solid state connection characteristics at medium and high temperature, it can also be connected with itself or other metal-based materials to prepare a new high-performance layered composite. It is a kind of new material with great prospect of industrial application.


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