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S235JR Material Overview: Industry experts take you deep understanding!

S235JR is a carbon structural steel that meets European standards and can also be called European standard hot rolled non-structural steel. The steel is delivered in hot rolled condition, with a production thickness range of 8mm to 500mm, and no inspection inspection is required at the factory.

s235 yield strength

S235JR is a commonly used low-carbon structural steel, widely used in building structures, Bridges, machine parts and other fields. The following is the content of its chemical composition:

Carbon (C) : Maximum content 0.22%

Silicon (Si) : Maximum content is 0.55%

Manganese (Mn) : The maximum content is 1.6%

Phosphorus (P) : The maximum content is 0.05%

Sulfur (S) : Maximum content is 0.05%

Copper (Cu) : Maximum content is 0.55%

S235JR steel has excellent mechanical properties, including tensile strength, yield strength and elongation, and is easy to manufacture and process. It is usually used to manufacture weldable and assembleable structural parts, suitable for occasions below a certain load, such as floors, corridors, cable Bridges, body frames, etc. Although the strength and stiffness of the material are low, its processing performance is excellent, with good weldability and good plasticity.

The following are the specifications of the S235JR steel:











s235 yield strength

For the cutting of S235JR steel, flame cutting can be used to handle steel plates from 8mm to 500mm thickness, while for thin sheets, plasma or laser cutting can be used. For parts that require high precision, the parts can be finished after cutting, or the wire cutting and water cutting methods with high cutting accuracy can be selected. Although the speed of these cutting methods is slow, the cutting accuracy is high, the cutting surface is smooth and the verticality is high.

S235JR hot-rolled sheet refers to steel plate material, and S235JR can also produce wire, round rod, square steel, steel pipe and other common finished forms. Moreover, the S235JR has a mass of 7.85.

S235JR steel is widely used in mining machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery and other fields, and is also commonly used in the welding of common structural parts, high-rise building materials and large mechanical equipment shells. In addition, it can also be used in construction projects or house construction.


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