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Carbon steel according to the use of which 3 kinds

Carbon steel according to the use of which 3 kinds

Before deciding on steel, we must first determine what type of steel we need to use. If carbon steel is used, what 3 kinds of carbon steel are divided into according to the purpose? Why can steel be widely used?

Carbon steel according to the use of which 3 kinds:

Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy, according to the application can be divided into carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, free cutting structural steel. The first type is divided into engineering and machine-made types, which usually contain small amounts of Si, Mn, S and P.

carbbon steel

Why can steel be widely used

1. iron has the second largest storage capacity after aluminum, and is relatively easy to develop.

2. the tempering and processing of iron ore has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, mass production and low cost.

3. the physical, mechanical and technical functions of steel are relatively stable, and can be divided into construction engineering steel, mechanical steel, alloy tool steel, professional steel, etc. : profiles, plates, pipes, metal products, etc. There are many different types of exercise methods, quality and chemical composition that can be widely applied to all aspects of the national economy.

4. adding other rare metals to iron can perform different functions. This technical function cannot be replaced by other materials. Examples: carbon steel, alloy steel, etc

5. Steel is highly recyclable.

6. steel also has excellent weldability, and is one of the highest plasticity and highest strength among many metal materials.

7. it is stronger than wrought iron, but not as brittle as cast iron, and there is a certain balance between material strength, flexibility, and tensile strength. Compared to wrought iron, it is more durable and has sharper edges. At the same time, compared with more brittle cast iron, the impact resistance and tensile properties are better.


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