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Carbon plate grinding methods you know several

Carbon steel plates are widely used in many specialized mechanical equipment and large structural parts in the manufacturing industry, for example, in the engineering, energy and mining machinery industries, many products use steel plates with a thickness of 6-20 mm. Some of these steel plates have no hollow plates, and most are plates with a porosity of 30%. Their specifications and sizes vary depending on the product and use. After plasma cutting or oxygen cutting, these carbon steel plates will leave different degrees of flash, slag and burr on the surface of the cutting. These must be removed, otherwise it will affect the beauty and usability of the finished product.

Some enterprises carry out artificial surface treatment on the carbon steel plate after hot cutting, mainly using hand tools such as hand grinding wheel, scraper, steel hammer for tapping and sweeping grinding. The disadvantages of this grinding method are:

(1) The quality is not guaranteed. Manual grinding can not guarantee the uniformity and thoroughness of grinding, will affect the subsequent bending, spraying and other processes, affect the overall appearance and internal quality of the product.

(2) The efficiency of manual grinding is difficult to grasp and statistics. It all depends on the working status and proficiency of the employee and is not guaranteed.

(3) Environmental protection issues. Knocking brings dust and slag splashing, which seriously pollutes the air quality and environment inside and outside the working area.

(4) There are certain security risks. In addition, the flying slag produced by grinding the workpiece and carrying heavy objects are the main hidden dangers of personal injury accidents.

In recent years, some enterprises have also tried to solve the problem of slag and burr by mechanical means. In the current market, there are roughly two solutions.

The first is the traditional dry single-side grinding scheme. The workpiece is continuously ground by setting a plurality of grinding heads on the top of the table. The grinding medium used basically belongs to the cloth sand belt and its variant grinding head. This way not only the cost of consumables is large, but also the time and frequency of replacing consumables will cause a huge waste of time. In addition, in general, the workpiece needs to be processed on both sides. Using this single-side grinding scheme, after single-side grinding, the workpiece needs to be turned over to complete the final processing requirements, which greatly reduces the processing efficiency.

The second is dry double-sided processing technology. In production line processing, the workpiece is pressed and polished by several sets of opposite clamping rollers. The advantages of this processing method can be described as:

(1) Good processing effect. No residual slag or burrs. The surface treatment effect of a single piece is the same as the surface treatment effect of the whole batch of workpieces, which is incomparable to manual processing.

(2) High processing efficiency. Using advanced double-sided simultaneous processing technology, compared with traditional processing methods, the efficiency is at least 60% higher.

(3) Saving a lot of human resources. For continuous processing of the production line, only two employees are required for loading and unloading.

(4) Energy saving and environmental protection, the production line is equipped with an efficient dust removal system, dust is strictly controlled in the body, completely collected by the dust collector, and can be directly discharged after filtration. However, the high price of such a production line is undoubtedly a small expense for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises.


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