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What is structural load?

Structural load, or load, load, load or load, generally refers to the external force acting on the object.

In a broad sense, the structural load refers to the external factors imposed on the structural members, causing the structural system to produce reaction, internal force, or the displacement of nodes and deformation of rods.

Classification of structural load

The classification of structural load is complicated, and it is different because of the way, position and direction of the force, which can be roughly divided into:

1.Normal load

2.Horizontal live load (transverse force).

3.Vertical live load.

4.Dead Loads (Static Loads) : The weight of a structure or fixture that does not change in size, position, or direction, such as the weight of a building.

5.Live Loads (Dynamic Loads) : loads that move in civil construction, with a non-fixed weight and changes in size, location, and direction over time, such as furniture, people, and even the weight of vehicles on Bridges. The snow cover also includes the snow load, which can also be subdivided into:

6.Impact Loads: Contact with an object at a high speed

7.Cyclic loads: Loads that change periodically over time

Natural climatic load:

Wind Load: A type of transverse force, the pressure exerted by the wind on a building varies depending on the speed and density of the air and the shape of the building.

Earthquake Load: It is also equivalent to a transverse force, which causes the displacement and deformation of the structure by the earthquake, and then forms pressure on the components.

Rain, snow, hail, etc.

Foundation load:

Unequal Settlement Load.

Earth pressure (buoyancy) : also includes active earth pressure and passive earth pressure.

The water pressure.

Structural design prestress.

Engineering factors:

Combine Load.

Residual stress (Residenal Load) or lock-in stress.

Concrete dry shrinkage, etc.


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