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What is carbon structural steel?

Carbon structural steel is a common steel, and its grade usually begins with Q, followed by a number and letter. For example, Q235-A·F means σs=235MPa. Among them, Q is the yield strength, A is the quality grade (ABCD level 4), F is the boiling steel.

Carbon structural steel has the characteristics of low price and excellent process properties (such as weldability and cold formability). It is widely used in general engineering structures and common mechanical parts. For example, Q235 can be used to make bolts, nuts, dowels, hooks and less important mechanical parts, as well as rebar, section steel, rebar, etc., in building structures.

In addition, there are high-quality carbon structural steel, whose grade directly represents the carbon content of the metal. This type of steel is often used to make non-alloy steel for important mechanical parts, and is generally used after heat treatment.

carbon content of the metal

Commonly used steel numbers and uses include: 08F, low carbon mass fraction, good plasticity, low strength, used for stamping parts such as automotive and instrument casings; 20, good plasticity and weldability, used for parts and carburized parts with low strength requirements, such as hoods, welding containers, small shafts, nuts, washers and carburized gears; 45,40 Mn, good comprehensive mechanical properties after tempering, used for mechanical parts with large forces, such as gears, connecting rods, machine tool spindles, etc. 60, 65Mn steel has high strength; Used in the manufacture of various springs, locomotive rim, low speed wheels.


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