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Stainless steel plate manufacturers common polishing three methods

Stainless steel plate manufacturers will be polished stainless steel, on the one hand, for beauty, on the other hand, for directional processing needs, there are three common polishing methods used by stainless steel plate manufacturers, respectively: chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and mechanical polishing. 

1. chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is mainly used in some small batches of complex parts and products with low brightness requirements, the main advantage of chemical polishing is that it can effectively polish complex parts, and the efficiency is high, the parts after chemical polishing have better anti-corrosion performance, and the use of chemical polishing for processing equipment investment is relatively less. The disadvantage is that the brightness of the processed parts is not high, and there is gas output in the process, the need for ventilation equipment, and the heating process will produce certain difficulties.

2. electrochemical polishing

Electrochemical polishing is mainly used in some high-grade products and import and export products, the advantage is that the processing process is stable and simple to operate, and electrochemical polishing can make the workpiece mirror to maintain long-term luster. The disadvantage is that the processing equipment investment is large, and a large number of operation processes need to be assisted by cooling facilities.

3. mechanical polishing

At present, mechanical polishing is mainly used for simple parts and small volume products, the advantage is that the flatness after processing is good, and the polishing effect is good, and the brightness is high, but the disadvantage is that the pollution is more serious, it is very labor-intensive, and it can not be polished for complex and high process requirements.


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