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303 Stainless steel standard

303 Stainless steel Introduction

303 stainless steel, it is our most popular stainless steel on the market. Its raw material is the use of Austenitic type easy cutting stainless wear-resistant acid steel, and if you want to improve its performance and improve its corrosion resistance, we can choose to add no more than 0.60% molybdenum.

Secondly, after the mechanical properties of 303 stainless steel are annealed to remove its stress, its tensile strength is 515MPa and its yield is 205MPa. And not every kind of stainless steel is called 303 stainless steel, it also has a certain standard hardness (HRB90-100). It has a wide range of applications, such as petroleum and chemical fields. There is also that it can improve the cutting performance and high-temperature bond resistance to a certain extent, so it is most suitable for use in automatic lathes.

303 Stainless steel density

303 Stainless steel density 7.93g/cm3.

303 Stainless steel composition

303 stainless steel composition is C :≤0.15; Si :≤1.00Mn :≤2.00; P :≤0.20; S :≥0.15; Cr :17.00-19.00; Ni :8.00-10.00; Mo :≤0.06, etc.

303 Applications of stainless steel

Petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries!

303 Stainless steel standard

We have also said before that 303 stainless steel is applicable to many fields, and different fields have different standards for it.


① National standard GB ② Industry standard YB ③ Local standard ④ Enterprise standard Q/CB


① Product standards ② packaging standards ③ method standards ④ basic standards

Standard level

Y level: International advanced level I level: international general level H level: domestic advanced level

National standard

GB1220-84 Stainless rod (I level) GB4241-84 stainless welding disk (H level) GB4356-84 stainless welding disk (I level) GB1270-80 stainless pipe (I level) GB12771-91 stainless welded pipe (Y level) GB3280-84 Stainless cold plate (Class I) GB4237-84 Stainless hot plate (Class I) GB4239-91 Stainless cold belt (Class I)


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