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Little knowledge of galvanized steel

Little knowledge of galvanized steel

What kind of steel plate is called galvanized steel plate? As the name suggests, that is, coated with a layer of metal zinc on the surface of the steel plate, to prevent its surface from corrosion due to external causes, extend the service life of the steel plate.

Galvanized steel can be divided into the following different categories according to the different production and processing methods:

(1) Hot dip galvanized steel plate: This kind of steel plate refers to the steel plate immersed in a tank containing dissolved zinc, so that zinc is attached to the surface of the steel plate. At present, continuous galvanizing is mainly used in the factory, that is, the rolled steel rolls are continuously dipped into the plating tank containing zinc, and the galvanized steel plates are finally produced.

(2) alloy galvanized steel plate: the production process of alloy galvanized steel plate is also made by hot dipping method. But this method also needs to wait for its groove immediately after heating to about 500℃, forming zinc and iron alloy film. Alloy galvanized steel plate has good tightness and weldability.

(3) Electric galvanized steel plate: The galvanized steel plate prepared by electroplating has good processing performance. But the zinc layer is thinner, corrosion resistance is not as good as hot dip galvanized sheet.

(4) Single-side plating and double-side difference galvanized steel plate: single-side galvanized steel plate, as the name suggests, that is, only one side of the galvanized steel plate products. It has better adaptability than double-sided galvanized sheet in welding, coating, rust prevention and processing. In order to overcome the shortcomings of one side without zinc coating, the other side is made of thin zinc galvanized sheet, namely double-sided differential galvanized sheet.

(5) Alloy, composite galvanized steel plate: galvanized steel plate composed of zinc and lead-zinc alloy and other metals. This kind of steel plate not only has excellent anti-rust performance, but also has good coating performance.

In addition to the above five kinds of steel plate, galvanized steel plate and color galvanized steel plate, printed galvanized steel plate and other types, but at present, the most commonly used on the market is hot galvanized plate.

Because the production process of galvanized steel plate is different, its surface state is also different. We commonly have ordinary zinc flowers, fine zinc flowers, flat zinc flowers, non zinc flowers and phosphating surface of the steel plate. Galvanized steel must be in good appearance. In general, some specific defects should be listed in the contract when ordering.

In the packaging of galvanized steel plate can be divided into two ways according to its packaging: one is cut into a fixed length, the other is with coil galvanized plate. Usually, the packaging is made of iron sheet, lined with moisture-proof paper, and tied to the bracket with iron kidneys. Binding should be firm to prevent internal galvanized sheet friction.


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