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Corroded stainless steel table how to deal with?

Corroded stainless steel table how to deal with?

Stainless steel products are difficult to be corroded, under normal circumstances will not rust. But if the use or maintenance of improper, or stainless steel in the environment is too harsh, stainless steel may appear rust phenomenon. We quickly recognize signs of rust when we see yellow or orange spots on the surface.

Stainless steel is a crystalline solid made up of atoms arranged like a patchwork toy. In addition to iron, but also contains its metal components such as chromium, nickel, titanium and other rust prevention function, it forms a layer of protective film to prevent stainless steel rust. Generally, as long as the film is not damaged, cracked or contaminated by impurities, stainless steel will not rust. But if the use or maintenance of improper, resulting in damage to the film, stainless steel will rust.

So stainless steel in what circumstances can rust?

There are three basic substances that can break the surface of stainless steel and corrode it.

1. Mechanical corrosion: it is the command to scratch the surface of the steel, such as: just rub, wire brush and metal debris.

2. Water: The hardness of the water that comes out of our taps is different. It can be hard or soft depending on where you live. There are impurities in hard water. After heating, the impurities will rest and form a precipitate, which will destroy the surface and rust the stainless steel.

3. Bleach: Bleach is everywhere. It's found in water, food, table salt, and the worst of it comes from household and industrial cleaners.

So how to clean the surface of stainless steel rust?

First prepare the materials: cleaning cloth, NCL cleaner, microfiber towel

Then pour the appropriate amount of NCL cleaner onto a cleaning cloth

The stainless steel is then repeatedly wiped with a cleaning cloth stained with NCL cleaner,

After the final rinse, wipe the water stain clean with a microfiber cloth


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