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In what areas is AL-6XN common?

AL-6XN material has excellent processing properties and can be used for various plastic and mechanical processing, such as stamping, bending, drawing, turning, drilling, etc. Because of its good corrosion resistance, it can resist the corrosion of most acid, alkali and salt solvents during use, and has been widely used in Marine environment and chemical industry. In addition, the material also has good welding performance and electrical conductivity, which is suitable for various welding processes and electromagnetic shielding. In addition to being widely used in the industrial sector, AL-6XN materials are also widely used in architectural decoration and automotive manufacturing. In the field of building decoration, because of its high strength, high hardness and corrosion resistance, AL-6XN can be used to manufacture various building components such as curtain walls, doors and Windows, railings and improve the safety and service life of buildings.

In the field of automobile manufacturing, the material can be used to manufacture automobile parts, improve the fuel efficiency and overall safety of automobiles. L-6XN is a material with excellent processing properties and good corrosion resistance, which is widely used in industry, architectural decoration and automobile manufacturing. Due to its advantages of high strength, high hardness, good corrosion resistance and weldability, it has become the preferred material for many enterprises and fields.


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