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What are the characteristics of stainless steel plates for boilers?

Boiler stainless steel plate due to long-term work under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the material will creep, plasticity and toughness decline, the original structure change, corrosion and so on. Therefore, the stainless steel plate used as a boiler should have: 

1. enough lasting strength; 

2. enough plastic deformation capacity; 

3. the smallest aging tendency and hot brittleness; 

4. high oxidation resistance, coal ash resistance, natural gas high temperature corrosion, steam and stress corrosion performance; 

5. good organizational stability and good process performance.

stainless steel

The steel types of stainless steel plates are carbon steel and pearlite, ferrite and austenitic stainless heat resistant steel. In order to improve the thermal efficiency of thermal generating units and reduce fuel consumption, countries around the world are mainly developing large-capacity, high-parameter (high temperature, high pressure) thermal power units (more than 1000MW), the steam pressure is increased to 31.5-34.3mpa, the superheated steam temperature is 595 ~ 650℃, and the critical pressure is developed towards ultra-high pressure. This puts forward higher requirements for high pressure stainless steel plates.


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