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What is the difference between 1215 carbon steel plate and cold tie plate

The surface of the cold rolled plate has a certain glossiness. It is smooth to touch, similar to the common steel cup used to drink water. The hardness of the cold rolled plate is high, and the processing is relatively difficult, but it is not easy to deform and the strength is high. Cold-rolled steel plate due to a certain degree of work hardening, low toughness, but can reach a good strength ratio, used for cold bending spring and other parts, at the same time because the yield point is close to the tensile strength, so there is no predictability of danger in the use process, when the load exceeds the allowable load prone to accidents.

Hot rolled plate, such as without pickling treatment, is similar to the surface of many ordinary steel plates on the market, rusty surface is red, no rust surface is purple black (oxide sheet). Cold rolled plate hardness is high, processing is relatively difficult, but not easy to deformation, high strength. Hot rolled steel plate, mechanical properties are far less than cold processing, is inferior to forging processing, but has better toughness and ductility. The performance advantages of cold rolled plate and hot rolled plate are:

1. higher precision, the thickness difference of cold rolled strip is not more than 0.01~0.03mm.

2. the size is thinner, cold rolling the thinnest can be rolled 0.001mm steel strip; Hot rolling is now available as thin as 0.78mm.

3. the surface quality is better, cold rolled steel plate can even produce mirror surface; The surface of the hot rolled plate has defects such as iron oxide, pitting and so on.

4. cold rolled sheet can be adjusted according to user requirements of its running performance such as tensile strength and process performance such as stamping performance. Cold rolled products and hot rolled products sheet line, is the difference between the previous process and the next process, hot rolled products are the raw materials of cold rolled products, cold rolling will be pickling hot rolled steel coil machine using roll mill, rolling is cold processing molding, mainly rolling thick specifications of hot rolled plate into thin specifications of cold rolled plate, usually such as 3.0mm hot rolled machine rolling can produce 0.3- The main principle of cold rolled roll of 0.7mm is to use the extrusion principle to force deformation. Warm tip: Cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet and other products produced by Jingrun Metal Materials Co., LTD. Cold rolling and hot rolling are two different steel rolling technology. Cold rolling is to make steel at room temperature, and this kind of steel has high hardness. Hot rolling is steel tied at high temperatures.


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