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SGCC, SGHC, S350GD, DX51D galvanized coil difference

SGCC, SGHC, S350GD, DX51D galvanized coil difference

SGCC: S-Steel steel G-galvanized Galvanized C-Cold rolled the fourth C-Common galvanized steel sheet

SGHC: S-Steel steel G-galvanized Galvanized H-hot rolling fourth C-Common common meaning the same as above

S350GD: The yield strength shall not be less than 350MPA

DX51D: German standard, ordinary commercial grade galvanized.

FA normal grade surface: the surface is allowed to have defects, such as small zinc particles, embossing, scratches, pits, uneven color, black spots, stripes, slight passivation spots, zinc fluctuations, etc. You can have stretch straightener marks and zinc streamers. Higher FB surface: The better side allows minor imperfections such as finish stamping, minor scratches, small zinc flecks, zinc undulations and minor passivation spots. The other side has at least a surface mass FA. FC Advanced surface: The better side must be further limited to defects, that is, the better side should not have defects that affect the appearance quality of the advanced painted surface. The other side has at least surface mass FB. FD Super high finish surface: The better side must be further limited to imperfections that do not affect the appearance quality after painting, and should have a good uniform coating, the other side should maintain the FB surface. What other notation do you have? So galvanized, zinc iron alloy plate surface quality grade in the end what other symbols? Simply A, B and C correspond to FA, FB and FC, such as Q/WG(LZ)04.4-2012 standard of Wisco. 2. Does C mean FC? In this standard, Class C is usually finished. Although most steel mills and standard FC grade are usually delivered in full, but some standards do not indicate this, which brings the question, is there some steel mills or standards are not delivered in full? 3. Is B FB? If B appears in the order, does it mean FB? This is also a pit. In the NES M2027 standard, the requirement for surface quality Grade B is "the upper surface of the steel plate or the outer surface of the steel strip shall not have defects that may cause scratches and defects that may cause mold damage. Suitable for non-strict surface classes of steel, cold rolled substrate ", which is no longer the same meaning as the common FB grade. Also, in MTS 8301, B no longer means surface quality grade, but surface structure is bright surface. 4. Is U just not processed? In addition, some of the OEM's brand standards, there is a relatively poor, such as the letter U, although it is a surface structure, but contains a surface quality grade. For example, in the BX362 standard of this steel for general use, U represents the FB grade surface after the coating thickness. 5. Is Z galvanized? By the way, when we see the suffix "Z" we usually think it means galvanized, but in some standards it becomes the equivalent of a FD surface quality. The general code with "O" letter is explained as follows: CO surface treatment chromic acid passivation and oiling CO5 surface treatment no chromium passivation and oiling PO surface treatment phosphating and oiling O surface treatment oiling but if O3, O4, O5, it may be the following meaning: O3 Higher finishing surfaces are allowed to have defects that do not affect formability and coating and plating adhesion, such as minor scratches, indentation, pitting, roll marks and oxidation color. The better side of O4 advanced finishing surface has no visible defects, and the other side must meet the requirements of O3 surface. The better side of the O5 super advanced finishing surface must not have any defects, and the other side must meet the requirements of the O3 surface.


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