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what is the significance of hot galvanized sheet finishing?

A: With the continuous expansion of the use of hot galvanized sheet, the following purposes can be achieved by polishing the strip steel in the modern continuous hot dip galvanizing unit:

(1) Improve the flatness and flatness of the sheet, but also the surface of the zinc particle flattening, so that the surface of the strip smooth, which is especially advantageous for later deep drawing and other occasions with higher precision;

② The polishing roll used has been pre-shot peening, so the surface of the plating plate has a certain roughness after polishing. It can improve the adhesion of the coating, but also can store a certain amount of grease, in the deep drawing process, the lubrication of the die is beneficial;

③ For the plating plate after painting treatment, although the surface is controlled into small zinc flowers, small zinc flowers can still be exposed through the paint layer. Therefore, for some high requirements of galvanized sheet, small zinc flower surface needs to go through polishing treatment. This can make the galvanized sheet obtain a more uniform silver appearance;

(4) By finishing, the lower yield point can be reduced to make the yield platform disappear or less obvious, which can prevent the slip line in the future drawing or deep drawing, and improve the possibility of deep drawing.


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