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Horizontal I - wheel pay-off and damping, tension problems

(1) The damping friction belt (block) at one end of the pay-off of the I-wheel does not play a damping role. The tension caused by the wire in the operation of the payout is small, resulting in the jitter (beat) of the wire, the increase of the zinc content of the wire is not stable.

(2) The damping device (press roller) for a period of time before the steel wire enters the degreasing treatment, and the steel wire is not damped between the press rollers. Even the steel wire does not go through the press roller, directly into the degreasing tank for degreasing, pickling, washing, plating and other pretreatment. This problem seriously affects the surface quality of steel wire and zinc content, even the appearance of steel wire surface leakage plating, "black spots", "bumps", not serious cases of steel wire surface is not smooth and other defects.


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