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316L stainless Steel tube

316L stainless Steel tube

316L stainless steel pipe is a stainless steel grade produced in accordance with ASTM standards in the United States. The formal name of 316L in Japan is "SUS316L", which is equivalent to 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 new grade 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 in China. Unified digital code: S31603 as per standard GB/T14976-2012(Seamless stainless steel pipe for fluid transport) has good high temperature corrosion resistance. Factory after strict testing, in line with the national standards of technical indicators.

316L stainless steel pipe market stable operation. Due to the weakening of ferro molybdenum and other raw materials, do not provide strong support for 316L resources, so today some manufacturers reduce the price of 316L, Wenzhou and Wuxi seamless pipe: TP316L 108*4 Zhejiang 36800, down 500; Zhejiang 33300, down 500; Wuxi 33000, steady. Because the downstream bearish, so the actual transaction did not reach the ideal state. Welded pipe market continues to be weak, including 316L with 108*4 Wuxi 31800, stable; Shandong 30750, down 200; Zhejiang 32600, down 900. Recent plate ups and downs, transient red did not change the existing weak market, although the atmosphere has changed the past cold atmosphere, but the actual singular did not rise significantly. Due to the recent price loosening of steel mills, it is expected that the price of 316L stainless steel pipe will be mainly reduced in the stable later period. 


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