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Where are galvanized sheets used?

Galvanized sheet is used in the automobile industry, refrigerated vehicles, construction industry, natural ventilation and heating equipment and furniture production and manufacturing industries, mainly including the following engineering construction, household appliances, furniture, transportation, steel products and other daily necessities and other industries.

Galvanized sheet is used in the construction industry: roof, roof prefabricated components, balcony control panel, balcony, newsstand, warehouse, electric rolling shutter door, electric heater, precipitation pipeline, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in electrical products: refrigerator, automatic washing machine, high pressure switch cabinet, air conditioning, microwave oven heating, bread machine, printer, automatic vending machine, fan, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in the home decoration industry: lamp cover, wardrobe, table, bookcase, bank counter, billboard, medical equipment and so on.

Galvanized sheet is used in the transport and manufacturing industry: car ceiling, car housing, car box board, large tractor, electric vehicle, Marine container, highway yard wall, cargo ship bulkhead board, etc.

Galvanized sheet is used in other aspects: traditional musical instrument case, garbage can, advertising brand, clock, photographic equipment, measuring device, etc.

Galvanized has become a key corrosion prevention method for steel, not only because zinc can produce a high density protective layer thickness on the steel surface, but also because zinc has the actual effect of pipeline cathodic protection. When the galvanized layer is damaged, it can still avoid the corrosion of the iron butt weld according to the cathodic protection effect of the pipeline.

While improving the flatness and flatness of the sheet, the zinc particles on the surface can be leveled and the strip surface smooth, which is especially advantageous in deep impact behind and other situations with high accuracy of use.

Because the vibratory roller used has been sandblasted beforehand, the surface of the finished plating plate has roughness. It can improve the adhesion of the coating, but also can store a certain amount of grease, in deep digging processing, conducive to the lubrication of the mold.

On later coated plates, small zinc flowers can be exposed through the coating layer even if the surface is controlled on the small zinc flowers. Therefore, for high requirements of galvanized sheet, it is necessary to complete the surface of small zinc flowers. This will provide the galvanized sheet with a silvery white uniform appearance. By smoothing, the yield point can be lowered to make the surrender platform disappear or unobtrusive, which can then prevent the slip line during stretching or deep thrust processing and improve the deep thrust property.


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