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What are the anti-corrosion technologies and materials of stainless steel Angle steel?

The production process of stainless steel Angle steel is relatively mature, which can produce a variety of anti-corrosion, stainless steel Angle steel has outstanding performance advantages. The commonly used equipment in the production of stainless steel Angle steel is steel pipe buffer platform, steel pipe conveying device, drawing machine, pipe threading machine, high pressure spray gun generator, maintenance platform, conveying line, steel pipe preheating furnace, shot blasting machine and other equipment. The inspection platform and return line of unqualified steel pipe in the test should be stainless steel Angle steel. The application of these materials can not only obtain good insulation steel pipes, but also the product quality has passed strict inspection.

The specific production process of stainless steel Angle steel is to first inspect the seamless anti-corrosion steel pipe, and then inspect the steel pipe under various conditions, so that it meets the conditions of making stainless steel Angle steel. Check the steel pipe for corrosion, check and remove the rust on the steel pipe. The first step is to put the anti-rust and anti-corrosion steel pipe into the polyethylene sleeve for tube forming. Then, after the head is repaired, polyurethane foam material is injected into it to completely fill the gap, filling it completely. Check the anti-corrosion steel pipe, check the finished stainless steel Angle steel.

stainless steel angle steel

The material requirements of stainless steel Angle anticorrosion layer: 

(1) It has excellent bonding strength, aging resistance and chemical stability.

(2) Advanced construction technology. 

(3) Location and topography of the pipeline. 

(4) Taking soil or backfilling. 

(5) The working temperature of the pipeline system and the ambient temperature in the construction management process.


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