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How to carry out fingerprint resistant plate inspection?

1 Resistance to fingerprint plate film thickness detection

As the previous analysis, the control window of the fingerprint resistant film is very narrow, the film thickness must be measured immediately after drying, in order to adjust the process parameters at any time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, the production line is equipped with X-ray fluorescence and infrared film detector to detect the passivation film weight, in order to compare with each other, but the two measurement results have a certain deviation, the desktop X-ray fluorescence shall be subject to the infrared film detector test results to be corrected.

Film weight measured by X-ray fluorescence(g/m2)

Film weight measured by infrared thickness gauge(g/m2)




Add 0.10 to the X-ray fluorescence value


Add 0.15 to the X-ray fluorescence value


Add 0.20 to the X-ray fluorescence value

2 Resistance to fingerprint plate coating performance test

The fingerprint resistant plate generally needs to be painted when it is used, and different coatings can be tried. After the test piece is baked and cured, the coating adhesion is evaluated by grid test. The spacing is 1mm, 100×100 grids, paste with tape, and observe the coating falling off. The spraying process is electrostatic spraying, the static voltage is about 80KV, the flow rate pressure is about 0.45MPa, the film thickness is 95-110μm; The grid test is 0 level, excellent adhesion, and meets all the coating requirements of domestic electrical enterprises.

How to control the film thickness of the fingerprint resistant plate?

The common fingerprint resistant roller coating equipment is shown in the figure. The roller coating machine takes material from the tray through the dipping roller, and the coating roller is located between the dipping roller and the strip, and the paint is evenly applied to the strip surface.

The roller coating machine has two kinds of coating methods: forward coating and reverse coating. The coating thickness is adjusted by extrusion pressure, and the maximum speed of the work roll is the same as that of the strip steel, which is suitable for thin coating. Reverse coating mode coating liquid on the upper surface of the roller, easy for operators to observe the actual coating situation, suitable for thick coating. In order to control the film weight of the fingerprint passivation resistant plate within the above small range, it is necessary to change the imported coating roller with high hardness (70HS) to the domestic low hardness (60HS) coating roller, and increase the roughness to 0.6-0.8um to ensure that the contact area and coating ability of the coating roller and the strip steel are larger, and improve the uniformity of the fingerprint resistant film of the whole plate.


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