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Influence and configuration of pickling passivation of stainless steel Angle steel.

Pickling passivation is a chemical reaction. First, the acid washing solution is used to remove the oxide film and rust on the surface of the steel, while completing the passivation process. It can effectively prevent the oxidation of Angle steel and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. After pickling and passivation, the surface of the Angle steel becomes uniform silver white, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe.

In the process of prefabrication, welding, testing and heat treatment, iron oxide, welding slag, grease and other dirt will accumulate on the surface of the Angle steel (carbon tube, stainless steel tube), thereby changing the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe. The dirt on the surface of the steel pipe can be removed after the Angle steel pipe is cleaned with the acid washing solution. After passivation treatment, a protective film can be formed on the surface of the Angle steel to prevent oxidation, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the Angle steel and ensuring the orderly operation of the production process.

The quality of pickling passivation is directly affected by the reasonableness of passivation solution and its formulation. Therefore, the appropriate calculation formula should be determined according to the properties of the Angle steel. When only part of the stainless steel Angle or equipment needs pickling, the pickling paste can be applied to the surface to be treated after removing the oil.

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