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The concrete application of all kinds of carbon steel

1 carbon structural steel

@ production anchor bolts, welding parts, rivets, thin version can buy Q195,Q215 steel

@Production of various types of steel, steel pipe, welding parts, small shaft, bolt, nut, connecting rod, rigid rib and so on to buy Q235 steel

@Production key, shaft, pin, gear, sprocket, brake lever, etc. Buy Q255 Q275 steel

2. High quality carbon structural steel

@ all kinds of stamping parts, welding parts with small force to buy 08 steel or 10 steel

@Carburizing parts, welding structural parts to buy 15 steel 20 steel

@ Crankshaft, drive shaft, gear, connecting rod, worm buy 40 steel 45 steel

Spring, spring washer, tie wheel, CAM buy 60 steel 65 steel

3. Carbon tool steel

@ production saw, chisel to buy T7 steel

@Punch, woodworking tools, vise buy T8 steel T8Mn steel

@ Tap, die, planer, drill, punch template buy T10 T10A steel

@File, scraper, reamer, gauge, etc Buy T12 steel


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