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National standard spiral steel pipe used for steel pipe

The national standard spiral steel pipe is mainly based on the standard GB/T9711-1997 oil and gas industry transportation steel pipe, including GB/T9711.1 (on behalf of grade A steel) and GB/T9711.2 (on behalf of grade B steel), GB9711.2 includes quality and test requirements in general higher than GB9711.1 provisions, GB9711.2 is generally suitable for combustible fluid conveying steel pipe, not for cast pipe.

Part 1 of GB/T9711 specifies the technical delivery conditions of non-alloy steel and alloy steel (excluding stainless steel) seamless and welded steel tubes for the transport of combustible and non-combustible fluids (including water) in the petroleum and natural gas industry in terms of basic quality and test requirements (Class A).

This standard includes threaded and extra heavy duty steel pipe with thread; No thread, extra light heavyweight no thread, ordinary heavyweight no thread, extra heavy heavyweight (XS) no thread and extra heavy heavyweight (XXS) no thread steel pipe; And pipe for socket and socket. The size requirements, measurement methods, technical requirements and verification of gauges, instruments and methods for inspecting threads are given in GB/T9253.4, GB/T9253.7 and SY/T5994 and are applicable to the products covered by this standard.

The steel grades covered in this standard are L175, L210, L245, L290, L320, L360, L390, L415, L450, L485 and L555 and intermediate steel grades between L290 and the higher steel grades listed in Table 2. Table 9A and Table 9B show ordinary heavyweight non-threaded steel pipes with extra light heavyweight non-threaded steel pipes, as well as steel pipes with threaded steel with nominal size greater than 12(see Table 6). The dimensions used are labeled as OD dimensions. For other steel pipes, the size is marked as the nominal size of the steel pipe.

In each section of the text of this standard, where the size boundary (or size range) of the steel pipe is specified, the outside diameter dimension shall be specified, except as the nominal dimension. These OD size boundaries and ranges also apply to the corresponding nominal size.

Q235A, Q23b, Q345, L245, L290, X42, X46, X70, X80.


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