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Color-coated steel plate transport handling precautions

The transportation and handling precautions of color coated steel plates are the same as those of galvanized steel plates. In order to maintain the surface quality of the color coated steel plate, please strictly comply with the following matters during transportation and loading and unloading:

(1) According to the manufacturer's delivery status, the product will be shipped intact. Absolutely avoid unloading skids or reversing products for easier loading.

(2) In order to prevent bruising, do not push or turn the material with the pusher.

(3) Lay rubber pads on the trailer during transportation, or use special carriers to protect the outside of the steel coil from damage.

(4) When transporting the color steel plate, it should be fixed firmly so that the color steel plate stacked in the sub-layer does not move due to vibration. Do not stack too many colored steel plates during transportation.

(5) When the color steel plate is extracted one by one from each stack of color steel plates, if the color steel plate is dragged, the sharp incision of the color steel plate or the burr generated when cutting will leave scratches on other plates. Therefore, when taking or moving the color steel plate, two people should pick up both ends of the color steel plate at the same time for handling.

However, because the surface of the color coated steel plate has a layer of organic coating film, it is easy to be scratched, so it should be more careful when handling.

(1) When the steel coil is stacked and loaded and unloaded, it is easy to damage if it is directly in contact with the steel wire rope and the steel coil. Therefore, the steel cable and coil must be inserted and separated using rubber pads, or special handling tools should be used. Large nylon spreader.

(2) Steel coils may require vertical packaging and must be kept upright during transportation and loading and unloading.

(3) When horizontal placement of vertical steel coil, please try to use coil material.

(4) Should be stored indoors (internal storage), avoid open stacking (open storage).

If it cannot be avoided, place the square pillow horizontally under the galvanized color steel plate at appropriate intervals, and then stack the colored steel plate on the galvanized color steel plate, taking special care to ensure good ventilation. Absolutely avoid placing color steel plates directly on the ground. And the product must be covered with waterproof cloth to protect the product from direct exposure to sunlight and rain.

(5) When laying the wood floor, choose a flat ground, and the top of the wood floor should also be level, so that the color steel plate can be stacked to the same height, which can also prevent the color steel plate warping.

(6) Do not place in places polluted by wind sand. If there is sand accumulation on the color steel plate, it may damage the zinc layer or coating film on the surface of the color steel plate. In addition, when sand and dust accumulate, it is not easy to dry, which will become the cause of white rust.

(7) In order to prevent danger, prevent product deformation and damage, try to avoid excessive stacking.

(8) Shorten the inventory cycle as much as possible.

(9) Strictly comply with the precautions affixed by the manufacturer on the product label.


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