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The ASTM standard was formerly known as the International Society for Testing Materials

The American Society of Testing Materials was formerly known as the International Association for Testing Materials (IATM).

In the 1880s, in order to solve the opinions and differences between buyers and suppliers in the process of purchasing and selling industrial materials, someone proposed to establish the system of technical committee, by the technical committee organized representatives of various aspects to participate in technical symposia, to discuss and solve the material specifications, test procedures and other aspects of the dispute.

ASTM is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit standards societies in the United States. After a century of development, ASTM now has 33,669 members (individual and corporate), of which 22,396 Main Committee members serve as technical experts in its various committees. There are 2,004 technical sub-committees under ASTM's Technical Committee. A total of 105,817 organizations have participated in the formulation of ASTM standards. The main task is to formulate characteristics and performance standards, test methods and procedures standards in the fields of materials, products, systems and services, and promote the development and promotion of relevant knowledge.

ASTM standard is divided into the following six types:

(1) Standard Test Method It is a prescribed procedure used for identifying, testing and evaluating the quality, characteristics and parameters of materials, products, systems or services.

It sets forth the technical requirements for materials, products, systems, or projects and gives specific descriptions, as well as the procedures to be adopted to meet the technical requirements.

(3) Standard Practice A procedure that gives instructions for one or more specific operations or functions without producing test results.

(4) Standard Terminology. It describes or defines a noun, symbols, abbreviations, initials, etc.

(5) Standard Guide It selects a series or explains its usage, but does not introduce the specific implementation method.

It classifies and categorizes materials, products, systems, or specific services based on their origin, composition, performance, or use


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