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What is the classification and use of carbon steel h beam?

Carbon steel h beam is widely used in: various civil and industrial building structures; A variety of long-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially in areas of frequent seismic activity and high temperature working conditions; Large Bridges with large bearing capacity, good section stability and large span are required; Heavy equipment; A highway; The skeleton of a ship; I support; Foundation treatment and dam engineering; Various machine parts.

H-beam steel has good stability for large buildings (large factories, high-rise buildings, etc.). H beam steel is often used as bridge, ship, lifting machinery, equipment foundation, support, foundation pile, etc.

The section size of H beam is relatively high and narrow, whether it is ordinary steel or light steel. The moment of inertia of the two main sleeves of the section is completely different. As such, it can only be directly connected to members bent within the plane of their web, or to members forming lattice stresses.

There are many product specifications of H-beam, and the classification method is as follows:

(1) According to the width of the product flange, it can be divided into wide flange, middle flange and narrow flange H-type steel. The flange width B of wide and middle flanged H-beam is greater than or equal to the height of web H, and the flange width B of narrow flanged H-beam is about half of the height of web H.

(2) According to the use of the product, it is divided into H-type steel beam, H-type steel column, H-type steel pile and H-type ultra-thick flange steel beam. Sometimes parallel leg channels and parallel flanged T-beams are included in the H-beam category. Generally, narrow flange H-beam steel and wide flange H-beam steel are used as column materials. Therefore, it is also called beam h beam, column h beam.

(3) According to the production mode, it can be divided into welded H-beam and rolled H-beam.

(4) It can be divided into large, medium and small H-beams according to size specifications. Usually net height H in 700mm above the product called large, 300 ~ 700mm called medium, less than 300mm called trumpet. By the end of 1990, the world's largest H-shaped steel web height was 1200mm and flange width was 530mm.

First, it is not suitable for axial compression members or members bent perpendicular to the web plane, which makes its application scope very limited.

Two, H section steel is an efficient and economical cutting profile (other cold-formed thin-wall steel, profile steel, etc.). Because of the proper section shape, they can make the steel more efficient and improve the cutting ability. Unlike regular I-beams, H-beam flanges are widened and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel, allowing easy connection with components such as high-strength bolts. Its size composition is reasonable, series models are complete, convenient for design and selection.

3. The flange thickness of H-beam steel is equal, including the rolled section and the combined section formed by welding of three plates. I-beams are rolled profiles. Due to poor production technology, the inner edge slope is 1:10. The rolling of H beam is different from that of ordinary I beam. Only one set of horizontal rollers is used. Because the flange is wide and has no inclination (or very little inclination), it is necessary to add a set of vertical rolls at the same time for rolling. Therefore, its rolling process and equipment are more complex than ordinary rolling mill. The height of large rolled H-beams that can be produced in China is 800mm, exceeding that of welded composite beams.


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