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What is 3042B stainless steel plate

What is 3042B stainless steel plate

1. 304 is one of the models of stainless steel, the corrosion resistance of this product is more prominent, in accordance with the standard composition of 18% chromium element, there are 8% column elements. 2B is through cold rolling, and then after heat treatment and pickling, later to be processed again, making the surface gloss stronger, forming a smooth surface, easy to grind stainless steel sheet.

2. its wear resistance and corrosion resistance has also been improved, and it is very widely used, such as making tableware or building materials. Basically, through this complex processing, it can meet all purposes.

what is the difference between 304 and 201 stainless steel

1. if compared from the surface gloss, we will find that the stainless steel surface color formed by 201 is slightly dimmer, but the gloss of 304 will be slightly higher, and the surface is smoother. If the corrosion resistance and acid resistance are compared, 201 is not more prominent than 304, so the performance characteristics of 304 will be more advantageous, and its use is more extensive than 201.

2. but if you compare from the price, it is obvious that 304 is more expensive than the products produced by 201.

Third, the types and characteristics of stainless steel

1. stainless steel can be divided according to alloying elements, some martensitic stainless steel, that is, 1Cr13 steel, the processing performance is more prominent, in addition to 2Cr13, need to preheat before welding.

2. there are ferritic stainless steel, cadmium between 14% and 30%, the carbon content is slightly lower, you can also add other core elements, so there are Cr17 Cr25 and Cr28.


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