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Q345B I beam selection skills

How to select Q345B I-beam in specific applications?

H-channel steel is a common aluminum profile used in steel structure engineering nowadays, and it has many differences from I-section steel. The cross section characteristics of H channel steel are significantly better than that of traditional I-steel, round steel and Angle iron. Metal laser cutting processing, H channel steel, is a cross-sectional high-efficiency aluminum profile with a more enhanced total cross-section area allocation and a more effective strength-to-weight ratio for economic development, and is famous for its cross section and the English letter "H". The two outer and inner sides of the H channel steel have no inclination and are vertical. This makes the electric welding of H channel steel more convenient than that of I-steel, and the physical properties of the net weight of the enterprise are better, which can save a lot of raw materials and engineering construction time.

The cross-section of Q345B I-steel is good at direct working pressure and tensile resistance, but the cross-section specification can not be torsional resistance because the wing plate is too narrow. H steel, on the contrary, both have good and bad.

1. whether the I-section steel is general or light, because the cross section specifications are relatively high and narrow, the moment of inertia of the two main sleeves of the cross section is very large, and therefore, it can only be used immediately in its beam end plan to bend the prefabricated member or to form a lattice support prefabricated member. The precast members with pivot force or the prefabricated members with bending in the vertical bisecting beam end plan are not suitable for selection, which makes them have great limitations in the application scope.

2. H channel steel belongs to the high efficiency economic development of cutting aluminum profiles (others also have cold drawn thick wall channel steel, pressure plate, etc.), because the cross section appearance is effective, they can make the stainless steel plate more fortress to fully play the efficiency, improve the cutting work ability. Different from the general I-shape, the flange of the H-channel steel is widened, and the inner and outer surfaces are generally parallel, which can be conducive to the connection of high-strength bolts with other prefabricated components. Its specifications constitute an effective series of products, models and specifications are complete, which is conducive to the use of design schemes.(In addition to the I-shaped steel used for crane beams)

3. the flange of the H channel steel is equal to thin and thick, there is a cold rolled cross-section, and it is also a cross-section composed of 3 plates welded by electric welding. The I-steel is all cold-rolled cross-section, because of the poor production process, the inner edge of the flange has a 1:10 inclination. The cold rolling of H channel steel is different from the general steel with only one set of level rolls, because its flange is wider and no inclination (or not much inclination), it is necessary to set up a set of column roll and roll in addition, so the cold rolling process and machine equipment are more complicated than the general extrusion machine. The height to width ratio of the larger cold-rolled H-channel steel that can be produced in China is 800mm, which is beyond the cross section of only electric welding.


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