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What are the main materials of H-shaped steel?

We all know that H-beam steel is used with a certain width of strip steel, it passes through a set of longitudinal rolls at normal temperature conditions, continuous deformation in the middle, to meet the required size, and then cut into the corresponding size length, and finally produced is H-beam steel. H-shaped steel is divided into large, medium, small and wide according to size specifications; According to the shape classification, can be divided into open and closed two.

What are the H-shaped steel materials? Main materials include: Q235, Q235B, Q345B, Q235A, Q345, Q195, stainless steel, Q215Q345A, color steel, etc. Example: Q235 is the most widely used ordinary carbon structural steel, in which Q is the yield of the material, 235 refers to the yield value of the material, about 235MPa, moderate carbon content, comprehensive performance is good, widely used in building and engineering structures. Q345 is a low alloy steel, where Q is the yield, 345 indicates that the yield value is 345MPa, widely used in Bridges, vehicles, ships, construction and other special industries.


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