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Construction steel can usually be divided into two categories: one is the steel used for steel structures, and the other is the steel used for reinforced concrete structures.

For steel structure steel, there are mainly two types of ordinary carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel. The varieties of these steels include section steel, steel pipe and steel bar. In the section steel, there are common Angle steel, I-steel and channel steel.

The steel bars used in reinforced concrete structures can be classified according to the processing method, including hot rolled steel bars, heat treated steel bars, cold drawn steel bars, cold drawn low carbon steel wire and steel strand pipe. In addition, according to the different surface shape, the steel bar can also be divided into smooth steel bar and threaded steel bar. In addition, according to the variety of steel, can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel and other different types.

In China, the strength levels of steel bars are divided according to five levels: I, II, III, IV and V. The classification of these levels is determined according to the tensile strength of the rebar, where the Grade I rebar has the lowest tensile strength and the Grade V rebar has the highest tensile strength. This grading system helps to ensure the safety and stability of the building structure.

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