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What is profile?

Profile refers to a solid straight bar with a certain section shape and size after plastic processing of metal. There are many kinds and specifications of profiles, and they are widely used, and they play a very important role in rolling production.

Profiles are objects with certain geometric shapes made of iron or steel and materials with certain strength and toughness through rolling, extrusion, casting and other processes. The section has a certain shape and has certain mechanical and physical properties. Profiles can be used alone or further processed into other manufactured products, often used in building structures and manufacturing installation.

Profile production has the following characteristics:

(1) Variety specifications.

(2) Large difference in section shape. In the profile products, in addition to the square, round, flat steel section shape is simple and the difference is not large, most of the complex section profiles, not only the section shape is complex, but also the difference between each other is large, the pass design and rolling production of these products have their particularity; The complexity of the section shape makes the deformation, temperature distribution of the section and roll wear of the metal parts uneven in the rolling process, so it is difficult to calculate and control the size of the rolled parts accurately, and it is also complicated to adjust the rolling mill and install the guide and guard device. In addition, the individual varieties or specifications of complex profiles are usually smaller in batch.

(3) The structure and layout of the mill are more.


(1) According to the production method classification: according to the production method can be divided into hot-rolled profiles, cold-formed profiles, cold-rolled profiles, cold-drawn profiles, extruded profiles, forged profiles, hot-bent profiles, welded profiles and special rolled profiles.

(2) Classified by section characteristics: profiles can be divided into simple section profiles and complex section profiles according to their cross-sectional shapes. Simple section profile cross section symmetry, appearance is more uniform, simple, such as round steel, wire, square steel and building steel.

(3) Classification by use department: Profiles are classified by the use of railway profiles (rail, fishplate, switch rail, wheel, wheel), automotive profiles (rims, tire retainers and lock rings), shipbuilding profiles (L-shaped steel, ball steel, Z steel, Marine window frame steel), structural and building profiles (H-shaped steel, I-steel, channel steel, Angle steel, crane rail, window frame and door frame materials, steel sheet piles, etc.), Mine steel (U-shaped steel, trough steel, mine I steel, scraper steel, etc.), mechanical manufacturing profiles.

(4) According to section size classification: profiles can be divided into large, medium and small profiles according to section size, and their division is often classified as they are suitable for rolling on large, medium and small rolling mills.


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