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The application of Angle steel fluid conveying is introduced.

Angle steel for pressurized fluid transfer is made of hot rolled strip steel coil as tube billet, spiral forming at room temperature and welding by high-frequency lap welding. They are used for pressurized fluid transport. The steel pipe has strong bearing capacity, good plasticity and is easy to weld and process. After a variety of rigorous and scientific inspections and tests, it is durable and reliable. Large steel pipe diameter, high conveying efficiency. It can save the investment in laying the pipeline. It is mainly used for laying pipelines transporting oil and natural gas.

spiral welding angle steel

Angle steel is generally used for low pressure fluid transport. The hot rolled strip coil is used as the tube billet, and the spiral shape is usually formed by double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-side submerged arc welding. Double sided welding. Submerged arc welded steel pipe is used to transport water, gas, air, steam and other general low pressure fluid pipeline.

The spiral seam high frequency welding Angle for low pressure fluid transport is generally made of hot rolled steel strip as a tube blank, which is usually spiral at a certain temperature and is welded by high frequency lap welding. Used for general low pressure fluid transport. Seam high frequency welded steel pipe. Spiral welding Angle steel is made of hot rolled strip steel coil as tube billet, spirally formed at room temperature and made by double-sided submerged arc welding or high frequency welding. They are used in civil building structures and docks. Steel pipe for bridge and other foundation piles.


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