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How to prevent the surface of 304 stainless steel material from being corroded by water vapor?

304 stainless steel material often used in ordinary life appears rust, some people will be that is impossible, that is stainless steel. In fact, this is a mistake that many people will make, that stainless steel is impossible to rust, in fact, it is just not easy to rust, 304 stainless steel Angle steel will rust. The following is the 304 stainless steel material factory to tell how to prevent the corrosion of water vapor. Pure water vapor is impossible to cause rust corrosion of steel above 304, if the water vapor is doped with acidic or alkaline substances can lead to rust corrosion. If you want to avoid the corrosion of acidic or alkaline substances on stainless steel, you can spray a layer of rust-proof material on 304 stainless steel Angle steel. Water vapor is impossible to exist absolutely pure without impurities, so 304 stainless steel Angle steel will certainly rust, the difference is the problem of rust sooner or later. If you want to apply a layer of material to prevent rust, it is likely that the material is slightly toxic and needs to be tolerated.



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