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Stainless steel Angle structure introduction and resolution method

Stainless steel Angle steel can be composed of various stress components according to different structural needs, and can also be used as a connection between components. Widely used in a variety of building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, Bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container shelves and warehouse shelves. Stainless steel Angle steel is a kind of carbon structural steel used in construction. It is a simple cross-sectional steel material. Mainly used for metal components and factory building frames.

How to distinguish between good and bad when buying stainless steel Angle steel:

1. Shovel-filled stainless steel Angle steel products contain a lot of residue, the density of steel is relatively small, and the general size deviation is more serious. In the absence of a micrometer, it can be weighed and inspected.

2. The surface of the fake stainless steel Angle is easy to be scratched. This is because the manufacturing equipment is simple and easy to cause burrs and other scratches on the surface of the stainless steel plate. Deep scratches can also reduce the strength of the Angle steel.

3. Fake and shoddy stainless steel Angle steel has no metallic texture, and the cold rolling temperature of fake and shoddy raw materials is not standardized, and the performance of Angle steel is naturally unqualified.

4. High-quality stainless steel Angle steel composition is uniform, the cold cutting machine tonnage is high, and the inner hole of the cutting head is smooth and neat. However, the fake Angle steel and inferior Angle steel materials are weak, and the inner hole of the cutting head often appears uneven and blunt.

5. The cross section of the fake stainless steel Angle steel is oval. In order to save raw materials, some manufacturers use a larger amount of pressure in the first two passes of the finished roll, which will not only greatly reduce the compressive strength of the steel, but also do not meet the size. 

6, due to the simple manufacturing equipment, counterfeit stainless steel Angle steel material is not uniform, there are a lot of residue, the surface is easy to form scab.


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